You Tube ... You changed dancing

You Tube ... You changed dancing

When Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim founded YouTube in 2005 there’s no way they could have predicted that they would change the entertainment to education, opened new doors for talented individuals looking to be discovered, and brought people together from all over the globe.

How has YouTube changed DANCING?

For me, one of the most amazing things about You Tube is its ability to make the world smaller. And, no, I don’t mean that You Tube has literally shrunken down the globe. What I mean is that YouTube has given us the power to travel the world with a single click.

Sure, before YouTube existed we could learn about distant countries and cultures by reading books and articles online, watching documentaries and looking at published pictures. But YouTube allows us to take things a step further and learn about places and cultures around the world from the actual people who live there.

Look what we would have missed if we didn’t have YOU TUBE.

Has YOU TUBE changed you?